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Johanna has both feet planted on the executive ladder with no plans to marry. But when she meets her soulmate, he comes complete with challenges few women would contemplate.

"Johanna is a stunningly beautiful romance that proves that the capacity to love is limitless and that true love in a marriage is based on far more than sex. I could feel every aching emotional pain that Johanna felt as over and over she tried to help her husband but he seemed to get worse...Luke as the emotionally broken but still strong man was a pleasure to read about. I really enjoyed the resolution of this book, and for that alone will read this book over and over again. This book will win awards, and you do not want to miss it!"  Jasmine, Long and Short Reviews

Johanna Carmichael's goal of becoming the first female executive at Larkspur Industries is within her reach when a stress filled work week sends her to the fishing village of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. She joins a bike hike to a campground accompanied by a charming, down-on-his-luck stranger she met on the ferry. Songs around the camp fire and too much wine have unexpected consequences that can jeopardize everything she has worked for. She offers him cash for a quick marriage to be followed by an even speedier divorce.  But when they meet to finalize the paperwork she discovers they’d both been playing pretend that night on the island. Both stepping out of their everyday persona. Frantic, she tries to withdraw her offer. He responds with a counter offer. When she refuses he threatens her with exposure. Larkspur has an iron clad, if unwritten, morality policy. Exposure would cost her all she’s attained. She reluctantly agrees to his demands even the one requiring cohabitation.

On their wedding night she discovers that he has secrets of his own. Secrets that could destroy him. Bound by their agreement, she struggles to cope and soon finds herself drawn to him as she sees the inner man, a man rarely seen. But can she save him from himself? Should she even try? Yes, because not only is he a man worth saving he's a man worth loving.


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